School time is the best time in their life for so many people. And as a teacher, I want to make it that way for everyone. I’ve been teaching in the US for quite a while and after some consideration and hesitation decided that my experience is worth sharing.

This blog is dedicated to this important profession that shapes the flexible minds of the youth and creates the future. Here, in the US we have many opinions on left-liberal college professors that indoctrinate and don’t allow free speech and thought in their classrooms. Indeed, a teacher is someone who can either show how to think freely for yourself or just teach to rely on the opinions of other people.

That’s why it’s important for young teachers to find a proper way of teaching. It’s hard to stay neutral with some subjects and encourage kids to reach out for answers and sources. Here you can find many free sources for learning and methods of teaching you can incorporate. You might want to experiment to try to find something suitable.

I hope this blog would also be helpful for students looking for solutions for their worries about tests or exams. You can find some tips and tricks here that would help you deal with homework, paper writing or the lack of motivation or depression. Understanding that the latter ones might be huge problems, I try to give attention to these issues of modern students. If you want to suggest your ways of dealing with those, guest posts are always welcome here.

It’s important for me to create interesting content, so you might also want to suggest a post on the topic interesting for you. I’m also interested in receiving any suggestions for improving the website.

I hope that advice and tips from this blog will be beneficial and I can assist changing the educational system in this country. It’s possible to make classrooms and lessons student-friendly and create a perfect learning atmosphere.