Why Children Need To Do Homework

How many times have you been excited to go home after school or after your extra-curricular activities and do your homework? If you are like most students, the only part that you enjoy about doing your school assignments is being finished with them. If students dread it so much, why do teachers insist on assigning it? It turns out, there are several reasons that educators believe homework statistics, math, science, English, and other courses help students succeed.

Reason #1: It Brings Education Home
Many educators believe that parents should be at least semi-involved in their child’s education. While parents should not complete their child’s assignments, they should at least be available for homework help when their students need it. At the very least, they should be asking what their child learned in school and what they are working on that night. Additionally, by bridging the gap between school and home, teachers are showing students the reality of needing education outside of school.

Reason #2: It Reinforces What is Taught in Class
Practice and reinforcement are important for helping students retain knowledge. Imagine for a moment that your teacher didn’t assign homework. All week long, you are given lectures and are required to take notes. You look over these notes periodically because your teacher warned the class of a test coming up. However, you do not do any practice questions or problems. Even though you reviewed the notes, you do poorly on the test because you did not retain the information that was taught.
Even when students turn to online homework help to get their assignments finished, they have the potential for reinforcement by reviewing the materials that have been completed for them. This makes after-school assignments an important part of the learning process.

Reason #3: It Identifies Which Students Are Falling Behind
Not every student is going to be a natural in all their subjects. A student can be amazing in English and terrible at math. When assignments are completed wit incorrect answers, a good teacher will pull the student aside and ask if they need extra help understanding the topic they are currently working on in class. They may give you one-on-one time to help or recommend a student tutor that can help.
This is especially true in difficult classes, like when students need programming homework help. This is hard to come by unless you have a fellow classmate that excels in the area and helps you or you look online.

Reason #4: It Teaches Students Responsibility and Time Management
Students spend more than a decade in school. This is a highly-influential time period in a student’s life. Homework teaches the critical skill of responsibility. By taking the responsibility to complete their nightly assignments, students are learning a valuable skill. Additionally, they are learning time management. This is especially true of students who participate in an extra-curricular activity, who are employed, or who have chores. This skill is one that will benefit them in college, as well as later in their lives when they begin their careers.

School assignments are something that can leave students exasperated, thinking “Who can write my homework for me?” Even though it is dreaded, homework is a necessary part of the educational process. Your teacher, after all, does not just give you assignments for their own pleasure.

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