Who Invented Homework And For What

Have you ever sat down to ‘do my homework’ and questioned the purpose? How could something so frustrating and time-consuming even be created in the first place? Even though it gets frustrating, homework must have a good purpose since it has existed as long as education has. Keep reading to learn more.
Roberto Nevilis was a teacher in Venice. He is credited with being the first teacher to hand out homework to his students in 1905. Beyond this, almost any people with education likely had homework. Texts have been found from Ancient Rome. Quintilian, the instructor of Pliny the Younger, kept records of his teachings. Stone tablets have also been found, showing written copy of homework distributed by teachers. There are no records of students asking others, “Can you do my homework?” but it is likely that this started at least a few centuries ago.

A History of Homework Trends

As education came to the United States, after-school assignments were frowned upon. This was because educators believed students did not have time for it. Children living pre-World War II had responsibilities at home like chores. California even took the steps to ban homework for students up to the 8th grade level in 1901.
The Cold War of the ’50’s brought to light the need for highly educated people in the military, especially in the area of science. The attitude toward after-school problems changed, with extra studying being recommended for essential knowledge areas. Following the Cold War, the men who survived returned home and children no longer needed to help out so much. Family units became closer and education became a staple for homework. This marked a great change, a societal upheaval, for the entire country.
It is not known when students started looking for a little extra help, especially since many find themselves wondering where to find someone to “solve my homework” for me. Homework has remained a staple, as have services that offer students the extra help they need to get all of their responsibilities finished. The Internet has opened a plethora of sources for the help you need.

The Purpose of School Assignments

There is no clear-cut reason that students must do homework for hours after school. Some educators believe it is a necessary learning tool while others believe it keeps kids out of trouble after school. As more research is done, the truth of this may be revealed.
Trends may change, but your school assignments may be here to stay. Countries like the United States believe that having students do assignments each night pushes them to succeed by reinforcing what they have been taught. If you have an understanding of the work and need to free up time, consider a homework service to complete your assignment for you.

If you were wondering why you had so much to do when you are ‘doing my homework’, it is because many teachers believe it’s best to help keep student grades up. However, in Finland, no assignments are given and there is a 20% rise in the number of students that graduate and 2/3 students attend college after graduation. If you do not want to do the nightly assignments ahead of you, consider an assignment help service.

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