Is Homework Harm Your Children? – An Unbiased Point Of View

According to the National Parent Teacher Association, a healthy amount of homework is 10 minutes per grade level. This means that 6th graders could be assigned a full hour of homework, while seniors in high school must complete twice as much. Unfortunately, if you ask a high achieving student, you will learn that they may spend several hours a night on their assignments. It is no wonder that students are looking for paid homework help. Homework is not without its benefits, but there comes a time when it can become harmful.

Homework Does Have its Purpose

Educators have several reasons that they choose to assign additional work for students to complete outside of the classroom. Firstly, it bridges the gap between the learning that takes place within the classroom and the world outside the classroom. Students bring their lessons home with them and are more likely to retain what they learn. Second, it brings parents and students together, especially when their children ask for ‘help with my homework’. The students also learn responsibilities and how to manage time, especially if they have commitments outside of their school education.

Assignments Can Also Be Harmful

As many great things, after-school assignments can also be harmful to students. Here’s why:

It is Time-Consuming
If you talk to the average high-achieving student, they may tell you that to maintain their high grades they have to complete several hours of homework at night, especially when studying for tests and completing large assignments. Students already spend 6-8 hours in school each day learning. When they spend hours on schoolwork outside, let’s say an additional 3 hours, that is 9-11 hours. Students should also get 8 hours of sleep nightly. This means they have just 4-7 hours to fit in things like extra-curricular activities, chores, and a social life. This is a hectic schedule for anyone, especially someone who is not yet an adult. It is no surprise that these time restrictions leave some students reaching out, desperately looking for someone who can ‘write my homework for me’.

It is Stressful
Another thing that high-achieving students will tell you is that their lives are incredibly stressful. In fact, a study by Stanford University says more than 2-3 hours of a night can actually harm student grades, even at the college level. The Stanford study also surveyed students. Less than 1% of students said homework was not a major stressor for them, while 56% listed it as their primary cause of stress. In addition to mental stress, many of these students experienced health problems including sleep deprivation, exhaustion, weight loss, stomach problems, and headaches.
Over-worked students also may not have time for a social life, which would be able to relieve mental stress. In turn, it is not uncommon for students to look for a homework service to free up some extra time for mental relaxation.

Students can be a great homework solver when they apply their minds and use their time wisely. However, for this to become reality, teachers must stop stressing their students out with too much homework. This can be challenging, since there is not much communication between the teachers of different classes that each student has. Overcoming this obstacle, however, is important if students are to achieve the high standard they are capable of.

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