CPM Homework – Tips For Students

Math classes are commonly considered to be difficult for many students. Even brilliant students struggle with calculus or stats, but CPM or College Preparatory Mathematics class is thought of even worse. The reason for that is the way class actually operates, it’s designed to make kids think. This is why most of the people who take it require additional homework help to cope with the tasks. Indeed, you need to take your time and think twice with some of those. I’ve seen students doing well in class, but all of those applied extra effort to it.

Fresh Ideas to Complete You CPM Homework Without Stressing Out

CPM is challenging, but that’s what actually makes it so exciting and interesting. If you can figure out this class, you can do much more. However, with CPM opening a book, reading a chapter and solving the problem is not necessarily the case. You need something deeper than that, and there are ways to organize your work to complete your assignments efficiently.

  • Organize a study group.
  • You’ll most likely need some help with homework if you decide to take this class. So you should try to form a study group or at least pair up with another person to help each other out. If you understand different concepts, you can explain to each other. Maybe your pride has to suffer a bit, but it’s crucial to accept the fact you don’t understand something and ask someone to explain to you again.

  • Try to understand the inner meaning of the things.
  • CPM is all about actually thinking, not solving. You can’t just use a formula to solve your equations, you need to come to many conclusions yourself and create things for yourself. This is why it will be very beneficial to jump to books to understand how those things work.

  • Use online homework help sources.
  • There are many of those you can use. If you don’t want to really understand a topic, but to get a good grade, it’s the option for you. There you will find explicit answers and learn for real examples.

  • Dive into theory.
  • Theoretical knowledge and understanding are really important with this class. You might want to see how the prominent math geniuses came to their conclusions and read some theory books.

Reasons Why CPM Is So Hard for Our Students

  • Teachers’ incompetence.
  • CPM is a new subject and we still don’t know how to actually teach it properly. It’s designed so the teacher’s role is minimal, so the kid is supposed to do all the work. Yet some teachers still interfere or mix other methods in, which is really confusing for a student.

  • We don’t teach to think.
  • This is the core reason. If you take a look at the tests, you’ll see that they steadily become easier, the school curriculum becomes more relaxed and fairly easy. Students are not taught to think for themselves and reach out for knowledge. Similar patterns you can see with MOOCs and online educations sites, as people are not interested in getting new knowledge.

  • The textbooks for CPM.
  • Those are not really created properly, as they quite often lack some explanations or are not comfortable with their references. This can be quite annoying, to say the least.

The idea behind CPM is great, as we need to make students seek for knowledge and think for themselves again, but we need to do it differently. CPM now is not taught properly. However, if you, as a student, want to achieve more, you can use some tips to excel in your studies. Don’t neglect the idea of study partner or even a study group, this would help all of your classmates to be better at this class.

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