Benefits Of School Homework For Students And Teachers

Night after night, students write down all the assignments they must do in their homework planner, wondering when they will possibly have time to get everything done. Students likely dislike homework as much as their teachers dislike grading it. If it is such a pain for all involved, why is it assigned at all? Turns out, there are several benefits to nightly assignments for both students and teachers.

Benefits for Teachers

  • It Shows Which Students Need Help
  • Not every student is ready to move on to a new lesson when their peers are. If the concept of the previous lesson is not grasped, students will continue to struggle. Identifying this early is important to keep all students from falling behind and assigning after-school work helps teachers pinpoint this. This method works unless students need to free up time and use online homework help.

  • It Tests Student Knowledge for Standardized Tests
  • At bare minimum, each state mandates that student’s take a standardized test to prove their knowledge. Teachers can change their lesson around this, but it is highly important that key areas are reinforced. Assignments give teachers an idea of what is happening in their students minds so they know which areas to reinforce before the state standardized tests.

  • It Improves Student Grades
  • As long as homework is completed, it can raise student grades. This is because students who have their lessons reinforced retain more for the test. Even students that use college homework help sites can benefit by reviewing the assignment they have paid for. The exception to this is lengthy, time-consuming assignments which may stress students out and do more harm than good.

Benefits for Students

  • It Teaches Responsibility
  • Responsibility is something that all students must be taught. Even at a young age, children are taught the importance of owning up to what you do and honoring commitments. This should be reinforced in school, as students spend a great deal of time there. As students age, they will find that responsibility is getting all their assignments done while managing their lives, even if they need online homework help to do it.

  • It Teaches Time Management
  • As students grow and start jobs, it is going to be increasingly important that they are familiar with time management. Time management skills are necessary for those looking to strive for success. This becomes increasingly true as jobs become careers and families are started. In addition to a work and home life, it is important that adults (and students) remember the importance of relaxation to ease mental stress.

  • It Helps Bring Parents and Students Together
  • Sometimes, a tough homework assignment is just what parents and students need to bring them together. As children age, they are less like to come to their parents for help. Even so, there are times when students may need a little extra help. This leads to better communication within families, something that any family could benefit from.

As you see, there are several valid reasons that students spend a chunk of their evening completing school assignments. As they sit down to do what needs done and think, ‘I need to write my homework’, they should remember the reasons on this list and the real reasons that educators give them so many assignments.

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